Monochrome is big for autumn/winter 2014/2015!

Monochrome has been all over the catwalks recently for autumn/winter 2014/15, so now’s the time to get on trend with your beauty accessories, not just your clothing.

There are several ways you can work the monochrome trend without looking like you’re going to a funeral.  By working blacks, whites and greys into your hair, makeup and nails, this will create a classy, timeless look that goes with almost any outfit – you don’t have to just dress in black from head to toe.

There are many black and white nail art designs which look great, and many of them are simple that you could do yourself at home – you wouldn’t necessarily have to go to a nail salon to have them done.  The same goes with makeup.  At first, you might think that black/grey makeup can look goth-like, however, as the picture shows, black makeup can work great when its blended and mixed with the correct pallet. 

At Urbanity, we have a range of beauty and makeup storage cases and trolleys that allow you to work the monochrome trend as part of your look.  From zebra print to black crocodile, or just a plain black and white manicure table, you can choose from a range of products that would fit the bill.  There are even smaller vanity cases, makeup brush cases and nail art cases that would make excellent gifts for friends and family.

Why not take inspiration from the monochrome trend this winter and get your loved ones one of our cases as a Christmas gift?  Available in a range of sizes and budgets, there's bound to be something for everyone.