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Monochrome is big for autumn/winter 2014/2015!

Monochrome has been all over the catwalks recently for autumn/winter 2014/15, so now’s the time to get on trend with your beauty accessories, not just your clothing.

There are several ways you can work the monochrome trend without looking like you’re going to a funeral.  By working blacks, whites and greys into your hair, makeup and nails, this will create a classy, timeless look that goes with almost any outfit – you don’t have to just dress in black from head to toe.

There are many black and white nail art designs which look great, and many of them are simple that you could do yourself at home – you wouldn’t necessarily have to go to a nail salon to have them done.  The same goes with makeup.  At first, you might think that black/grey makeup can look goth-like, however, as the picture shows, black makeup can work great when its blended and mixed with the correct pallet. 

At Urbanity, we have a range of beauty and makeup storage cases and trolleys that allow you to work the monochrome trend as part of your look.  From zebra print to black crocodile, or just a plain black and white manicure table, you can choose from a range of products that would fit the bill.  There are even smaller vanity cases, makeup brush cases and nail art cases that would make excellent gifts for friends and family.

Why not take inspiration from the monochrome trend this winter and get your loved ones one of our cases as a Christmas gift?  Available in a range of sizes and budgets, there's bound to be something for everyone.


Get equipped for Beauty College!

With nail, hair and beauty courses about to start this year, it’s important to prepare yourself by looking at the beauty storage options available to you.  At Urbanity, we have a number of different cases and trolleys especially designed for hairdressers, nail technicians, and beauty therapists, whether you are a student or a professional.

First of all, you need to think about how you will be travelling to college.  Will you be travelling by bus or train, or driving your own car?  This is very important when thinking about the size of the case or trolley you decide to buy for your kit.  If you are using public transport, you won’t be wanting anything too bulky, and something light weight would be useful, as would perhaps a trolley be, rather than a case, as you will usually need to walk to the bus stop or train station, so a beauty trolley might be more comfortable for you.  

The Urbanity Flexi Trolley has been designed especially for beauty college students – it’s lightweight, more compact than the Classic and Elite Trolleys, and is a budget friendly option.  It has slide out trays containing 6 smaller storage compartments to store all your accessories and smaller items, as well as a larger main section for your larger pieces of equipment and products.  The Flexi Trolley is suitable for all sorts of disciplines, whether you are studying waxing, eyelash tinting, hairdressing or nails, you can use the trolley as you wish.  The Flexi Trolley is available in 7 different colours and designs as well, to make you stand out from the crowd.

If you want something a little bigger, our Classic and Elite Beauty Trolleys are available as well.  These are larger trolleys, obviously designed to hold more equipment as they contain more storage sections and compartments – particularly ideal if you are studying multiple disciplines. 

These trolleys do break down into smaller beauty cases and trolleys as well, and would perhaps be a more ideal longer term option; because they hold more kit, they are possibly more suitable for professional beauticians who are able to carry our a number of treatments.

If it’s a beauty case rather than a trolley you’re after, look no further than Urbanity.  We have a wide range to choose from, whether you want a smaller makeup case, or a larger nail technician case, we have it all.  Take a look through our full range by clicking here.

How do you store your makeup and nail polish collections?

Most people we have spoken to say that they have several tiny makeup cases, makeup storage boxes and drawers in their bedrooms where they store their cosmetics and nail polishes etc.  Not surprisingly, they don’t know how big their collection is, and they struggle to find the products they want, when they want them.

Another major problem with being unable to locate your products is that every nail polish or cosmetic item has an expiry date on it.  This should be followed otherwise it can effect the texture, smell and quality of the product.  Has anyone else ever opened up the lid of a nail polish and found that its gone thick and gloopy? Yes, well this means it has ‘gone off’.  This is the main reason why everyone should take care and organise their nail polish collection, and other cosmetics properly, so they can see what they have, and how long they’ve had it.

Our range of nail polish storage cases are perfect for storage your nail polish collection.  With their 32 nail polish holders, as well as space for other cosmetics, toiletries and accessories, it’s the perfect solution to this problem.  It keeps you more organised than your chest of drawers or cardboard storage boxes will, and with 6 funky colours and designs to choose from, there’s bound to be one that will fit right in with your bedroom décor.

If the Nail Pro Case isn’t big enough to hold your large collection, we do a whole range of larger nail trolleys; beauty trolleys and makeup trolleys which we’re sure will do the trick.  They are all available to order on the website, and all available in our signature animal print and metallic designs – you will find one for you!


Top 5 Hair Trends for summer 2014

Since summer is a time to look gorgeous, we have searched around for the top 5 hair styles/trends this summer so you don’t have to!

1.    Messy Plaits – ideal for anyone who has hair long enough to be able to carry out this look, the messy plait can be glossy or matt, long or short, as long as it’s messy, it’s good!  Wear it to work for a quick hair style in the morning, or on the beach on holiday, as it doesn’t matter how hot and sweaty you get, your hair will still be in style!

2.    Hair Accessories – whether you use a hair band, a big bow, hair clips, whatever; hair accessories are back in fashion, and are perfect for all occasions.

3.    Ombre Hair – this is a massive trend for this summer and is preferable done on at least shoulder length hair to achieve the best effect.  Choose sun kissed colours for the best look.

4.    Retro Curls – the 1970s retro look is back this summer, and these frizz-free curls are right on trend.  Done with a side parting, this look is brought up to date.

5.    Slept-in Texture – this look is roughly done, creating soft waves simply by using water and perhaps a leave in conditioner; the idea is to give your hair some texture without making it appear greasy.

Your hair makes your face!

Your hair frames your face, so it's important to choose a style and colour that is right for you.  It can make you look slimmer and more tanned, but like-wise, it can also make you look plumper and paler if you get the style and the colour wrong.  There are many ideas out there online and in magazines, so make sure you ask your stylist which style and colour will suit your face shape and complexion.  

Why not purchase a Hairdressing Case or a Hairdressing Trolley to store all your hair products and accessories in?  Available in a range of different colours and animal print designs, they would make a great addition to any bedroom or bathroom, or even a great gift for someone's birthday during the summer.  


Nail Technicians, be prepared for another busy Summer Season!

As nail art continues to grow in popularity, and with the summer months ahead we thought it would be a good idea to explore the nail art trends for this Summer 2014 to give all you Nail Technicians out there a helping hand for Summer....

1)    Flowers – This may sound like a fairly obvious one, but there are many ways in which to have flowers on your nails; they don’t have to be ‘cute’ or ‘pretty’.  You could do some bright flowers on a black background for example, this would be really effective, and would be great for a night out on the tiles.

2)    Stripes – Whether they be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, stripes are big for this Summer, so be as creative as you like with shapes and colour.

3)    Diagonal French Tips – So the bog standard French manicure is always going to be a classic, but why not give it a modern twist by using a different colour tip instead of white, and make the tip diagonal instead of curved along your nail tip.

4)    Bright Colours – Another obvious one as if you needed reminding, but as per usual, Summer is the season to where your brightest boldest nail colours to stand out from the crowd and to match your sun tan!

5)    Abstract – This Summer is also all about ‘abstract’ nail art.  Create different shapes with different colours and be as creative as you like on your clients! Circles, triangles, squares, rectangles; whatever floats your boat, have a play around and see what you can come up with!

Be prepared!

Don’t forget to get yourself prepared for the busy holiday season this Summer; make sure you have a decent Nail Technician Trolley or Nail Technician Case for all your equipment and supplies, and a Portable Manicure Table to enable you to be the best you can be!

Top Beauty Trends for Spring 2014!

Following recent catwalk shows, we thought we’d summarise by putting together a list of the top 5 Beauty Trends for 2014….

1.    Blue Eyeshadow – Yes, you read that right!  You might not be a fan of blue eye shadow, and it might remind you of going to an 80s themed party, but, give it a try this spring, you could always wear a lighter shade if you daren’t go for a bright full on blue.

2.    Poker Straight Hair – Most people with long enough hair use straighteningirons anyway, but usually we all like to give our hair a bit of volume at the routes, or by using a hair dryer to waft some volume into our hair.  Poker straight hair seemed to be big on the catwalks for Spring – no volume flat  & straight!

3.    The ‘Golden’ Look – Get your bronzer out ladies, it’s time to stop looking pale and pasty now and get ready for Spring.  You may not have used yours since last summer, but get hunting for it now, or purchase a new one.

4.    Orange Lips – No matter what you think of it, orange lipstick is big for the Spring, so down your reds and pinks to make way for this bright, hot colour.  Again, if you are a bit apprehensive, start off by choosing a ‘not so in your face orange’ and then go brighter if you think you can pull it off.

5.    Nail Art  – Yes, its still massive for this Spring!  You only have to look at celebrities and at models on the catwalks to see that nail art is still huge, and it isn’t going anywhere!  Whether you go for matte, shiny, glittery, nude, you can do anything with your nails at the moment and still be at the height of fashion, so let your creative side be in charge this Spring!

Bold Print and Animal Print – 2 of the hottest trends for Autumn/Winter 2013/2014 at London Fashion Week


The London Fashion Week saw Bold and Animal Prints take the catwalks by storm.   Burberry models sported both Giraffe and Leopard prints, while a model wearing Marques Almeida, strutted her stuff in gorgeous Zebra print combo; proving once more that Animal Prints are here to stay, seeing you through Autumn/Winter 2013/2014, through to next year.

Bold Colours and statement pieces were huge at London Fashion Week, bright oranges, pinks, blues and red in particular stood out amongst the crowds.  Judging by the pieces shown, you can really show your passion for fashion by choosing fashion statements that suit your personality this Autumn Winter, so don’t be scared to go overboard on colour or prints this year and next.

If these bold colours and prints are maybe too much for you to wear in your clothing, then why not add them subtlety through your accessories?! Here at Urbanity, we have a range of makeup, nail, hair and beauty cases and trolleys in a range of animal prints and bold colours that will enable you to follow the catwalk trends, but in a more subtle way.  

Our lastest animal print cases will be a perfect match to the hot new animal print trends of Aurumn / Winter 2013/2014. Our range includes cases in black crocodile, purple crocodile, pink crocodile, zebra, giraffe, leopard, pink snakeskin, black snakeskin and many more.