The top 5 nail trends for autumn 2014!

Get your nails right for the season! As autumn sets in, we thought we’d do a bit of research in to the latest nail trends for the season.

1.    Nude nails are here to stay! Not only are they great for spring and summer now, they are here for the foreseeable autumn and winter seasons as well.  We love nude nails – they are perfect for every occasion; a night out, or for work, and you can easily apply a shade that suits your skin tone at home.  You can jazz nude nails up with some nail art or glitter for a subtle change if you fancy it too!

2.    Metallic colours – these usually appear on the catwalks for the autumn and winter seasons, so its no surprise that they’re back for the seasons this year again.  From metallic silvers and golds to blues and burgundies, you’re bound to find a shade you love.

3.    Deep, deep reds – get out your nail polish collection from last year and see if you have any shades you haven’t worn for a while.  Think deep ruby reds and burgundies, almost brown colours to get this look.

4.    Two-tone nails – think ombre or gradient nail art using some of the seasons hottest shades, such as metallic colours or deep reds.

5.    Jewels and glitter – jazz up those nails with a few crystals or glitter here and there, teamed up with the seasons hottest shades.  Metallic grey with crystals would look great.  Even nude nails could be complimented by using gold glitter around the tip or the bottom of the nail.

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Why is nail art so popular today?

With everyone from celebrities, to models on the catwalks, to the general public sporting various degrees of nail art, we want to know why it has become so popular.  Not only are people now wearing just the one colour (although this is still fashionable), but most people now have some sort of ‘feature nail’ incorporating a stamp, a jewel, or some sort of character or design, not satisfied with plain nails anymore.

One of the theories behind the popularity of nail art focuses on the recession; that with when our shopping budgets are under threat we look for cheaper ways to get a quick aesthetic fix.  With nail polish, you can try out something novel and get an instant, fashionable fingertip transformation for under five pounds, instead of going on a shopping spree in your favourite shops and buying a new outfit that could cost more than a hundred.  This could be true to an extent, however, as stated earlier, most people are not just satisfied with one colour, and often pay to visit a nail salon, or have a nail technician come along to their house to do their nails.  It probably is true to the extent that many people now are doing DIY nail art on their friends and family; with UV gel polish coming in to the market and being relatively readily available to the general public, and with the popularity of cheaper products on E-Bay and Amazon, it is now easier and cheaper than ever to get hold of nail art products and accessories at home.

Another theory, and the one which I think is the most feasible, is that the fashion industry has made nail fashion what it is today.  Catwalks that were led by various designers in London during autumn/winter 2012 were full of unusual looking nails, and we all know that whatever appears on the catwalks usually makes it onto our high streets, and eventually into our lives.

With nail art being all over the catwalks, celebrities usually then get load of it, and it becomes massive – before we know it, everyones talking about it, and doing it.  With nail art products now being readily available on both the high street and online, it has never been easier to create the look you want from your own home.  There are also easy nail art tutorials online that can guide you, and with practice, you can master the look you want yourself. Take a look at our nail polish bags.  Nail art trends seem to be ‘anything goes’ now, and this is set to continue for the forseeable future.