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Beauty News

Beauty benefits of Coconut Oil

There has been much written in the press lately about the benefits of using coconut oil to make you look and feel healthier.  Many hair and beauty products on the market use coconut oil as one of the major ingredients in their products, so it makes sense that coconut oil must have something unique.  We thought we’d check out these benefits for ourselves to see if coconut oil really can do some magic in the hair and beauty department.

Here are some of the beauty benefits of using coconut oil:

1.  Using coconut oil as a moisturizer!  Not only does coconut oil make you smell great, but it also really does make your skin feel softer and more hydrated.

2.  Using coconut oil as a hair conditioning treatment again will make your hair smell amazing, but more importantly, if left on for a while before washing, your hair will be smooth and silky – and its much cheaper than all the expensive hair treatments on the market.

3.  Using coconut oil as a hand cream! At this time of year, our hands need a good moisturizer, and coconut oil seems to do the job better than the shop bought ones, and again, it will save you money.

4.    Using coconut oil as an eye makeup remover! By putting a little coconut oil on some cotton wool and removing your eye makeup as you do normally, not only does the job, but it also leaves the skin around your eyes feeling very soft and hydrated.  It also means there is no need to purchase any more expensive eye makeup removers anymore!

5.  Using coconut oil as a massage oil! This is perfect to unwind from a busy day, or to give your partner a treat.  It isn’t expensive, and it also leaves your skin smelling great!

6.  Using coconut oil as a shaving cream!  This is a great tip, as it can be used on sensitive skin, being all-natural.  Again, it will leave your skin smelling amazing, and isn’t expensive!

7.  Using coconut oil as a hair balm! By rubbing a small amount of coconut oil to the ends of your hair, will leave it looking shiny, smooth and professionally styled.

8.  Using coconut oil as a cheekbone highlighter! You would never have thought that coconut oil could be used to substitute makeup, but it really does work! That’s a bit more money saved!


If you'd like somewhere to store your coconut oil, why not check out our range of beauty case.


Put a spring in your step with our latest range of bright beauty cases!

Spring is finally looking to make an appearance shortly.  Why not brighten up your home or workplace with one of our new makeup cases to put a spring in your step!

There are an additional 10 designs to choose from, including White, Yellow, Black Diamond, Purple Diamond, Blue Diamond, Lime, Neon Blue, Orange, Black Faux Leather and Turquoise.  These are available in the Glamour and Cosmo Cases.

The Glamour Case is the smallest of the Makeup Case range, perfect for use at home, or for professional beauticians who perhaps do eyelash extensions.  The case has one compartment, and comes with a handy detachable mirror.

The Cosmo case is the larger of the two makeup cases, having 9 individual compartments, as well as one large compartment,making it ideal for makeup and beauty professionals, as well as makeup enthusiasts at home.

If you struggle to store your makeup and beauty products, these beauty cases are the perfect choice! With an additional 10 designs to choose from, there’s bound to be a style and colour to suit your interior!   View the full range of makeup and nail polish storage solutions under the products section.

Hold on to that Summer holiday feeling for longer!

So the dark nights are drawing in, its getting colder in the mornings going out to work, and the central heating has been switched on, so what can we do to help us keep our summer holiday feeling?

 First of all, invest in some new Autumn outfits.  This will instantly make your feel good about yourself, and there are some gorgeous outfits out there for the season.

Secondly, keep your tan! You’ve spent all that money on a holiday to a warm, sunny place, not just for you to get back home and have it fade away; so keep your tan with plenty of moisturising; the gradual tan moisturisers are great at keeping your tan too.  If you are one of the unlucky people who’s tan fades straight away, then why not get yourself booked into a beauty salon for a spray tan to give you an instant sun kissed look.  Why not store your tanning products in one of our beauty trolleys.

Thirdly, relax! This sounds obvious, but all too often we return from our holiday and go back to work and the children go book to school and we get stuck in a rut and don’t seem to stop and relax once in a while.  Even if its just to take a nice hot bath with your favourite bubble bath in there and read a book for half an hour, it will do you the world of good.

Finally, start looking at holiday brochures for next year’s summer trip!  You may think its too early to start looking, but prices tend to be lower if you get in there earlier, and once your holiday is booked, its something for the whole family to look forward to for next year.

Keep your skin in tip-top condition this winter!

With winter on its way, it’s important to protect our skin from the cold and wind to keep it looking soft and smooth.  We’ve searched around for the best tips to keep your skin in tip-top condition this winter.

First of all, make sure you moisturise regularly.  You probably did this during the summer months as well to keep any sun tan you might have got, but in winter, its just as (or if not more) important to prevent skin from getting dry.  We’re not just talking about your face either; make sure you stock up on hand cream too, as well as a rich body moisturiser.

You may want to use a moisturising face mask once or twice a week to keep your skin feeling fresh and supple too.  It’s also always nice to give yourself a bit of pampering!

Wear gloves in cold weather!  This probably sounds obvious, but this will help prevent your hands from becoming dryer than they need to be.

Maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated, and perhaps introduce some vitamin supplements to your diet if you’re not a massive fan of fruit and vegetables!  Almost every beauty aspect has something to do with what you put into your body, whether it be your skin, hair or nails, a healthy diet is essential to make the best of what you have.

Use a good lip balm! There’s nothing worse than having dry, sore, chapped lips.  They don’t look good, and they certainly don’t feel good so for the sake of putting on a bit of moisturising lip balm regularly to prevent this from happening, it’s well worth it.

Keep all your winter skin beauty essentials, like face masks and lip balms, in one of our stylish beauty trolleys - or treat someone special to one for the perfect gift this Christmas!


Ways to nourish dry and damaged hair!

After the summer season, your hair may be left dry and damaged from a mixture of sun exposure, chlorine from swimming, and over styling with hair straighteners and blow dryers from all those summer nights out.  This often leaves your hair looking dull, dry and with split ends.  The good news is that there are ways that you can help to nourish your hair, and ways that you can prevent further damage.

Firstly, drink plenty of water to keep your hair hydrated.  This is a simple step that also has other health benefits, including keeping your nails and skin hydrated as well.

Wear a hat if you’re heading off for some autumn/winter sun to help protect your hair from further sun damage.  This will also help you to become less dehydrated as well.  It’s also worth using a shampoo and conditioner that contains a sunscreen in there as well to protect your hair when you aren’t wearing a hat.  Be sure to wash your hair thoroughly after swimming in a pool with chlorine to prevent further chemical damage.

Use a moisurising shampoo and conditioner regularly to keep your hair nourished.  You can also get shampoos and conditioners that have heat protection properties, which are ideal if you always blow dry or straighten your hair. See the nail diva hairdressing bags for a great way to store your hairdressing kit,

Use a hot oil treatment or hair mask once a week to moisturise your hair and make it look shinier and healthier.  These are readily available in most supermarkets and chemists, or you can even have a treatment done at a hair salon as well, usually costing around £5.00.

Finally, if you use blow dryers, hair straighteners or curling tongues often, be sure to use a heat protection spray to protect your hair from the heat before blow-drying.

If you need somewhere to store all you hair products, why not use one of our hairdressing trolleys or hairdressing cases to keep you tidy and organised.


Brand new nail salon tables now available!

We’ve added two different styles of nail salon table to our range of manicure tables for your perusal.  Whether you work in a professional nail salon, or in a room from your own home, these new professional desks will fit the bill.  Both have the flexibility to be moved around your room with their sturdy castors, meaning that they would be ideal even in the smallest of rooms.

These new manicure tables also come with several storage drawers, allowing you to keep all your equipment and supplies to hand whilst your working with your clients.  Both being in white, they will fit into any surrounding interior to create a stylish and professional look that is also hygienic. 

The more compact of the two nail technician desk has 4 drawers that swivel around separately to the desk, meaning that you can choose to sit either side, left or right, of the drawers, making it easier to work with.

The larger nail salon table comes complete with 8 drawers, providing you with ample storage space.  It also comes with an armrest to keep your clients comfortable as well.

If you’d prefer something for mobile use, you could choose one of our foldable, portable manicure tables, available in black or white.  These tables can fit into your car boot, and they come with a black carry case to enable you to transport it easily.



Top 5 hair & beauty trends for autumn 2014!

With autumn being here, we thought we research the latest beauty trends for the season to save you having to do it. Dont forget to check out the Nail Diva hairdressing bag for great hair storage ideas.

1.    Big brows – big eyebrows are still here, but make sure they have a good arch in them though to stop them looking too masculine.  Also be sure to team them with a girly lip colour to feminise the look.

2.    Big lashes – we love this look! Either pile on lots of mascara, or get false lashes done.  This look is not just for evenings anymore, you can wear fuller lashes in the day too.

3.    Plaits – yes, plaits are back in.  These are so quick and easy to do, they’re perfect for fixing your hair quickly for work in the morning, or for making a quick hair transition from work to a night out.

4.    Quirky colours – this trend is very vague, but basically, whether it be bold colours or a monochrome look, and done through your clothes, or your makeup, either will fit this trend.

5.    Glossy ponytails – gone is the summer messy haired ponytail look, now they’re sleek and glossy, and be sure to wrap a strand of hair over the bobble to complete this smarter, sophisticated look.

Complete your autumn style with one of the latest beauty cases from our range.



Monochrome is big for autumn/winter 2014/2015!

Monochrome has been all over the catwalks recently for autumn/winter 2014/15, so now’s the time to get on trend with your beauty accessories, not just your clothing.

There are several ways you can work the monochrome trend without looking like you’re going to a funeral.  By working blacks, whites and greys into your hair, makeup and nails, this will create a classy, timeless look that goes with almost any outfit – you don’t have to just dress in black from head to toe.

There are many black and white nail art designs which look great, and many of them are simple that you could do yourself at home – you wouldn’t necessarily have to go to a nail salon to have them done.  The same goes with makeup.  At first, you might think that black/grey makeup can look goth-like, however, as the picture shows, black makeup can work great when its blended and mixed with the correct pallet. 

At Urbanity, we have a range of beauty and makeup storage cases and trolleys that allow you to work the monochrome trend as part of your look.  From zebra print to black crocodile, or just a plain black and white manicure table, you can choose from a range of products that would fit the bill.  There are even smaller vanity cases, makeup brush cases and nail art cases that would make excellent gifts for friends and family.

Why not take inspiration from the monochrome trend this winter and get your loved ones one of our cases as a Christmas gift?  Available in a range of sizes and budgets, there's bound to be something for everyone.


The top 5 nail trends for autumn 2014!

Get your nails right for the season! As autumn sets in, we thought we’d do a bit of research in to the latest nail trends for the season.

1.    Nude nails are here to stay! Not only are they great for spring and summer now, they are here for the foreseeable autumn and winter seasons as well.  We love nude nails – they are perfect for every occasion; a night out, or for work, and you can easily apply a shade that suits your skin tone at home.  You can jazz nude nails up with some nail art or glitter for a subtle change if you fancy it too!

2.    Metallic colours – these usually appear on the catwalks for the autumn and winter seasons, so its no surprise that they’re back for the seasons this year again.  From metallic silvers and golds to blues and burgundies, you’re bound to find a shade you love.

3.    Deep, deep reds – get out your nail polish collection from last year and see if you have any shades you haven’t worn for a while.  Think deep ruby reds and burgundies, almost brown colours to get this look.

4.    Two-tone nails – think ombre or gradient nail art using some of the seasons hottest shades, such as metallic colours or deep reds.

5.    Jewels and glitter – jazz up those nails with a few crystals or glitter here and there, teamed up with the seasons hottest shades.  Metallic grey with crystals would look great.  Even nude nails could be complimented by using gold glitter around the tip or the bottom of the nail.

Why not store your nail polish collections in a nail polish case and start sporting the latest nail trends today! Alternitively you could try one of our brand new nail technician bags.

Ways to keep your summer tan!

With Autumn looking like its on its way, we thought we’d explore the best ways to keep your summer tan, to keep you feeling and looking healthier for as long as possible.

The most obvious way to keep that summer glow for as long as possible, is to moisturise.  We should moisturise daily anyway, but for many of us our lives are so busy that we often skip moisturising when we’re rushing around to get ready for work.  By moisturising every morning and night, your tan will stay there for longer; it’s as simple as that. 

There are tricks you can play with various cosmetic products as well.  Firstly, by using highlighters on the bridge of your nose and on your cheek bones can make your skin glow without adding a lot of colour.  You can use highlighters with or without foundation and they provide a natural look.

Bronzers are a great way of adding (or keeping) that summer glow, particularly gel bronzers; these can be used alone, or you can mix them with foundation and they give you more of a subtle hint of colour.  Powder bronzers tend to be heavier and need to only be applied where the sun would naturally hit your face.

Body shimmers are also available, and these help enhance the tan that you already have.  You can apply highlighter so bony areas such as your shoulders and across the bones in your chest to give you that sunkissed look.

You can also do your tan justice by wearing the right colours that suit your skin tone.  For example, if you wear a pale colour, this will automatically make your skin look warmer, especially if you do still have some of your tan left, and use the above makeup tips as well!

If your tan is still fading fast, then maybe you should simply fake it and opt for the variety of fake tans on the market, or even the moisturisers with a hint of tanning agent in them.  These could also help in prolonging your existing tan as they will gradually build up colour, whilst your existing one is fading, and therefore providing a more natural look.

Whatever products you decide to use to help keep your summer tan for longer; make sure you have a great place to store them, such as a cosmetic case or cosmetic trolley - with various sections and compartments, they are perfect for storing everything you need.