Nail Pro Trolley

Nail Pro Trolley

Urbanity Nail Polish Trolley

The Nail Pro Trolley range by Urbanity has been designed specifically to accommodate any equipment needed by Professional Nail Technicians.  Other trolleys on the market today have compartments that don’t necessarily fit the products that nail technicians need, however, with the Urbanity Nail Pro Nail Polish Trolley, it is designed to fit everything in neatly, keeping you organised and professional at all times.  With its 40 nail polish holder compartments, the Nail Pro Nail Polish Trolley is perfect for keeping all the latest UV Gel Polishes upright and at hand to use in an instant.

Available in Urbanity’s signature colours and animal prints, the Nail Pro Nail Polish Trolley is set to be popular with people in the nail industry.  Ideal for those who specialise in other fields as well, such as hair and beauty too, the Urbanity Nail Pro Nail Polish Trolley is flexible enough with its removable dividers and compartments, to accommodate the equipment and products you need it to, whether it be airbrush makeup equipment, waxing supplies, or hair dyes.

The Urbanity Nail Pro Nail Polish Trolley has been designed in a manner that unlike most other nail polish storage trolleys currently on the market, Urbanity’s Nail Pro Trolley doesn’t have to be taken apart to reach all the products you need; you just have to open up and pull out the drawers and compartments you want, making it much easier to use when working with clients, especially when you’re in a hurry.

Now that beauty treatments are at the height of fashion, its important for nail technicians carry all the equipment they need, often specialising not only in nail treatments, but also in other beauty treatments as well, as consumers are wanting to look more and more like celebrities.  The Nail Pro Trolley has such a large storage capacity that it will hold all the supplies you need it to.