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Nail Polish Storage

When it comes to finishing a look in great style nail polish is always a handy product to have. Whether you are a mobile beautician dealing with clients or you just like to give yourself the best range of options, the nail polish storage options from Urbanity will meet your needs.

There is a reliability that comes from this style of case and you can rest assured that your nail polish bottles and solutions will be well protected on any journey. Far too many girls have suffered the horrors of spilt nail polish in their bags or suitcases and this is an outcome to be avoided at all times. With a number of compartments to choose from, all of your nail polish products can be safely stored for any journey.

Of course, a good nail polish storage system can also bring benefit at home or in the salon. With a great range of trays and compartments to choose from, you can keep all of your essential items in one place, ensuring you always know where they are.

A reliable nail bottle or storage holder will provide peace of mind, comfort and the ability to work fast. In fact, the Urbanity range of nail polish storage options must be the handiest cosmetic cases on the market.  They are available in a range of sizes, colours and textures, so you can choose one that suits your own image.  They are light in weight, and built to last.  Whether you want a nail polish storage case or a nail trolley, Urbanity will have one waiting for you.