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  • Beauty benefits of Coconut Oil
    There has been much written in the press lately about the benefits of using coconut oil to make you look and feel healthier.  Many hair and beauty products on the market use coconut oil as one of the major ingredients in their products, so it makes sense that coconut oil must have something unique.  We thought we’d check out these benefits for ourselves to see if coconut oil really can

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  • Put a spring in your step with our latest range of bright beauty cases!
    Spring is finally looking to make an appearance shortly.  Why not brighten up your home or workplace with one of our new makeup cases to put a spring in your step!There are an additional 10 designs to choose from, including White, Yellow, Black Diamond, Purple Diamond, Blue Diamond, Lime, Neon Blue, Orange, Black Faux Leather and Turquoise.  These are available in the Glamour and Cosmo Cases.The Glamour Case is the

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  • Hold on to that Summer holiday feeling for longer!
    So the dark nights are drawing in, its getting colder in the mornings going out to work, and the central heating has been switched on, so what can we do to help us keep our summer holiday feeling? First of all, invest in some new Autumn outfits.  This will instantly make your feel good about yourself, and there are some gorgeous outfits out there for the season.Secondly, keep your tan! You’ve

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